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about Stanley Pop

why we love this brand...

"Hi, I'm Jen, the founder of STANLEY POP - Los Angeles! I have to admit, I have never loved visiting the nail salon, BUT I do love having a great looking manicure. In 2019, I became a mom and got hooked on the ease of using nail polish wraps. I could apply them, while still be active with my daughter. I loved the concept, but was having a hard time finding designs I liked. Thus, the idea for STANLEY POP was born.


I spent a lot of time sourcing the best nail wraps, thin, long lasting and made with non-toxic nail polish ingredients. The designs are curated for a modern individual who wants to look polished and have fun expressing their style.


STANLEY POP is based out of my hometown of Los Angeles, where I live with my husband and daughter."


Non-toxic nail polish wraps in modern designs inspired by the nail art trends popular in the Los Angeles. Lasts as long as gels without damaging nails. Easy application, with no drying time and no fumes. Remove with regular nail polish remover. Designed in Los Angeles.


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