#004 aura of tall pines

#004 aura of tall pines


A U R A  O F  T A L L  P I N E S

About the piece:
This artwork is a part of a yearlong study Natashia completed in an effort to recreate the colors and patterns she often intuitively sees as she's giving a reading. To broaden her understanding and relationship with color, Natashia examined the energy of various general emotions and of experiences that invoke specific emotions (such as observing an element in nature.) Her intention was to create a piece of artwork that would essentially transcend space and time, so that the viewer could also experience such emotion.

"One of my favorite ways to escape reality is by visiting a special place I discovered on a walking trail local to where I live. It's a little bit off the path but as soon as I stepped foot onto that magical land, it felt like a home away from home. Ironically, it's a man-made spot. Long ago someone had planted rows of pine trees, These trees are some of the tallest I've seen in our area and I love to stand among the rows and just look up. Sometimes I sit or lay on the ground and take it all in- the trees, the sky, the sounds from the wind rustling through the branches and the songs of chirping birds. My mind clears and I completely relax. That is the feeling I'm trying to convey in Aura of Tall Pines."

5" x 7" original aura study on photo paper
signed and numbered by the artist
original artwork- *not a print*
frame not included

* Colors may vary from what is displayed on your personal screen.
* Avoid displaying in direct sunlight.