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Welcome to Recalibration- There are No Seat Belts or Emergency Exits.

A quote and some photos from Tyler Henry’s Facebook post yesterday:


“Transitions are rarely completely comfortable. Learning how to spot threshold experiences helps us better navigate them. Change brings upon uncertainty, and with it, liminality.

Liminal moments in life can be some of our best and worst. They’re defining moments where our self-reliance is tested and things are in limbo. Whether “good” or “bad”, the liminal always makes us feel like we’re just on the brink of something.”

I’m sharing this for all my Angel reading friends out there, and for anyone who feels like they can’t relate to the world they’re living in right now. I’ve had so many people reach out to me lately- they’re feeling stuck and not sure what to do about it. I’ve also been hearing from a lot of people who are experiencing unexpected changes, overwhelming emotions connected to currents situations, and just an overall, general feeling that there’s no end or solution in sight.

What Tyler is sharing here really connects with what I’ve been feeling intuitively, for the collective of humanity. We’re sitting in what I’ve been referring to as a “lull,” where things don’t feel quite right. We’re not quite sure why. And we’re not quite sure what to do about it. We’re on the brink of something- but why is it taking so damn long to get here? (I’m putting this in simple terms- I know there are people out there dealing with some very heavy situations. I do not intend to diminish that in any way.) If you can relate to this- please know that you are not alone. And I believe this lull really does serve a purpose.

I am actually on a break from offering readings right now. I, too, have been sitting in this place. A lot of things changed in a short amount of time, emotions got real heavy, and I’m finding it hard to catch back up with life. However- I am starting to see the clear skies above the clouds, and it is making a bit more sense to me now. (Btw- I will be opening my schedule back up very soon.)

You don’t have to be involved in anything spiritual or metaphysical to realize the world we live in now is a very different place than it was even a few years ago. And aside from the obvious aspects we’re bombarded with on a daily basis by social media- we, individually, and our friends and family, are all experiencing challenging times. It’s not just Covid and all that’s attached to it- it’s very personal things, things that weigh on the soul. Feeling a loss of purpose. A disconnect between loved ones. No longer feeling a sense of joy in the things that once lit you up everyday. And that can hurt on a level that seems almost impossible to bounce back from.

There seems to be a “falling away” that’s occurring right now, for everybody. Belief systems are changing, problems are rising to the surface, and those areas of life that maybe you’ve left on the back burner for too long- are now pleading for your full attention. I believe the “lull” exists so you can get very clear on what you want from this point forward. Anything that is not in alignment with what you truly desire- or is no longer able to serve you in a constructive manner- must fall away to make room for something new. We have a choice in every moment, of every day- to do things differently than we have in the moment before. It may not seem like it- but the only real control we have over anything, is in how we choose to respond to it. Are you going to keep reaching for your old story? Or are you going to fully embody the role of the author who writes your future one?

I’ve learned in life thus far- the only way to get anywhere, is to just begin where you are. Not the place you think you should be or where someone else has told you to go. And if you take a step back from even that- you have to know WHO you are first. So take advantage of the lull- the transition. And choose to do only that for now- figure out who you are and where you want to go. If individually, every single person on the planet decided to do just that, think how different the world really could be.

So, if you’re feeling the lull right now, please don’t let it discourage you. I truly believe it serves a purpose, no matter how strange, awful, (or maybe even wonderful!) it feels. You don’t have to know your whole story yet- but a well established character and a solid set of goals will help to navigate any future challenges you might face along the way.

“You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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